A/B Testing For Practical Significance

When doing statistical hypothesis testing, the math behind it gives us the toolset to determine the statistical significance of our observations. But if we’re doing a two-sample test on a simple hypothesis, eg. $H_{0}:\mu_{1}=\mu_{2}$ vs. $H_{1}:\mu_{1}\ne\mu_{2}$ rejecting it won’t tell us anything about the magnitude of the difference. Usually aside from making sure that the difference in measurements you observed are statistically significant, you want your observed differences to be practically significant as well. That…

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Data Hacks

How to Fetch Comments for any Medium Post

Medium is a treasure trove if you want to practice NLP or get data to train your models for other purposes. Luckily, it’s possible to fetch JSON data for any medium post together with its metadata about author, claps, tags, etc. Recently I wanted to try out the Google Natural Language API for sentiment analysis and run it on responses to Medium articles. Responses are what would be called comments elsewhere, but you’ll see that…

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